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Terms And Conditions



The discussed obligations give an insight about responsibilities, rights and obligations of every party. We hold limited liability in certain scenarios and you would need to hire an insurance specialist to handle such cases. The following are some of the significant aspects of our terms and conditions so you need to have adequate knowledge in this regard.

Work not included in Quotation

We are only responsible for assembling and dismantling your furniture if mentioned in the written agreement. The same rule will be applicable for reconnecting or disconnecting appliances, fittings and fixtures. We would also not move any items in the absence of a safe access. If this facility is required by the client it has to be mentioned in the written agreement.


Payment has to be made prior to the storage or removal task. The agreed price cannot be withheld by the customer. Interest will be charged on the overdue amount on a daily basis. Hourly removals require immediate payment. If a customer cannot come to the destination to make the cash payment then payment will be processed through the card details. The customer should make payments through his own debit/credit card or he should be authorized by the cardholder. International removals require a payment by card. 50 percent of the payment should be made at the collection address.

Our liability for loss or damage

If your items have encountered damaged due to negligence then we would pay the compensation if the damage cost is greater than £150. If the goods are received or destined for a place outside the United Kingdom then we would take the responsibility in case of loss or damage of goods. We are not accountable for any goods seized, confiscated or removed by the custom authorities.

Time limit for Claims

When we deliver you the goods you would have to give us a written notification for any visible damage of good encountered during the delivery process. Even if your agent is collecting the goods on your behalf even then you would need to give us a written notification to inform us about the damage to the goods. You should inform us about the damage to your goods within seven days of delivery. If you require a time extension for the notification of your claim then you would need to send a written request in this regard within a seven day time period.

Our right to hold the goods

We will have the authority to dispose of or withhold any of your goods till you have cleared all the payments. When we are withholding your goods you will have to pay the storage charges to us.


If the agreement leads to a dispute that cannot be resolved then the dispute may be referred to an arbitrator. The arbitrator can charge for the arbitration as per his discretion.

Revision of storage Charges

The storage charges are reviewed on a periodic basis. If there is any significant increase in the storage charges then a three months notice will be given to you in writing.

Additional terms

  • If the client wants to acquire insurance for the goods he has to explicitly call the service provider and discuss the insurance terms.
  • The hourly charges would be different on insured items.
  • The service provider would grant insurance only if the packing of the items is assigned to them. If the client manages the packing himself, then the service provider would not be liable for insurance.